When Is Lobster Season?

Lobster Season

When exactly is lobster season in Maine? Find out more info on lobsters and why they are the best from Maine.

Every Maine native knows that you can catch a lobster all year long in the big sea. Fishermen are some of the most busiest workers in New England and the demand for fresh lobster is only increasing. During certain times of the year, the lobsters are more active and the New England shores become lobster madness. So just when is lobster season in Maine? The Maine Lobster Council, believes it to be between late June and late December. The most active part of the season is in the fall. The lobster news is that this year its expected to be one of the biggest lobster seasons, in a long time. This is due to warmer than average waters. Maine’s lobster Fishermen will navigate the waters of the northern Atlantic earlier this year to set their traps or “pots” as the natives call them.

During this time of year, the demand for lobster is really high, because its a tourist attraction. Many restaurants in Maine will be pulling out their recipes for the crustaceans and creating new memories in their kitchens and backyards. Because of this, lobster fishing will go into full throttle. If you have ever been to the annual Lobster Festival in Rockland, ME, you have seen the tens of thousands pounds of lobsters during early August. Believe it or not this isn’t even the peak season yet, and if you come back in a exactly a month you can multiply that amount times 10.

The Best Time To Buy

All year long you can buy as many lobsters as you’d like, since there really isn’t a short season for the little critters. However, during lobster catching season the bigger, more succulent lobsters surface and you will get more lobster at cheaper prices.

The many types of lobsters

Lobsters out grow their shells, after 6-7 years in their lifetime.
After, every two years the female lobster outgrows hers and every year the male will out grow his. This process is known as molting and it happens either in spring or fall.
This earns them the new name of soft shell or new shell lobsters. These are the favorite of lobster enthusiast, because it is easier to crack the shell and get to the good parts. The disagreement is that the meat is much sweeter when the shell is soft, which make soft shell lobsters a better catch. But there are those who believe that the harder shell lobsters have more meat, that tastes better than the soft shell . Its recommended that you try both, because the distinction between the two will be a personal preference.

Lobster seasonin 2013 will be one to remember. Everyone this year are looking forward to the different festivities that occur during this time. To all you allergic to shell fish, we’re sorry but we recommend you stay away. But to those who love the delicious pincher clawed creatures. Enjoy this year’s lobster madness. From getmainelobster.com, have a lobsterific season.

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